Experience breathtaking digital events with VIME.

VIME – Virtual Meetings is the most innovative digital event platform which combines the best of the physical and virtual world. We focus on three core pillars to generate a physical-like event experience:

1. Event-as-a-Service.
We turn inefficiencies into unlimited digital scaling by an increased 68% event retention rate*.

To achieve this VIME runs on any browser and on any device without additional software or plugins. We provide an all-in-one event management solution which enables you to deploy events with one click enriched with a sophisticated analytics toolset.

2. Innovative & simplified UX.
We turn productivity loss into efficiency boost through reducing the onboarding time by 82%**.

With VIME you can host huge audiences with more than 100,000 users in the same event. Our platform can virtualize all physical events and assets into an immersive real-time 2D or 3D environment. But still, simplicity is our main goal by utilizing an intuitive easy-to-use user interface.

3. Real-life experience.
We turn frustration into satisfaction by 73% more visitor satisfaction**.

Our physical-like interactions bring emotions to the digital world for example through spatial audio, group dynamics and expressions of excitement. VIME combines video streaming with a next-generation conferencing system.

Are you interested in more? Start your journey with our one-minute product video and request a demo.

* on av.; based on multiple events with same visitor groups.
** on av.; based on usage statistics, compared to av. competitor data.