Why are we all frustrated with virtual events?

Today’s digital conferencing, fairs and events are stuck in yesterday’s technical environment. All available online event tools on the market lead to three issues:

  1. Inefficiencies. 80%* of virtual event users are not fully paying attention due to multitasking through old-school video calls, live streams, and websites. It is easy to answer an email or searching for a new pair of shoes in parallel.
  2. Productivity loss. Productivity is reduced by 60%* through a lack of physical interactions which leads to endless discussions without results. Without real white boards, sticky notes or conditions, meetings are less target oriented.
  3. Frustration. 70%* of virtual event users prefer physical events. All available tools have either a boring 2D environment or a complex user interface where you can only participate passively. Most people feel drained from the current Zoom era.

The main reason, why visitors are not satisfied using online events, is that digital event tools are not generating an event experience. Users are expecting the same experience as from a traditional, physical version. A physical trade show, event or concert is creating a community spirit by exchanging visitors’ emotions like clapping hands, thunderous applause, excitement, motivation, or a momentum.

Most human beings need emotions and group feelings to develop a positive attitude and excitement while participating an online event.

The missing real-life interaction possibilities and absence of community feeling lead to the frustration mentioned in the beginning. But the question is, why is there no satisfying all-in-one 3D digital event management and hosting solution, in times of digitalisation and online communication?

We had the same question and that was the hour of birth of VIME Virtual Meetings.

* based on scientific papers from Stanford University, Missouri University, Microsoft, Amazon