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VIME is the best-in-class digital event platform which transforms your events and marketing into a virtual experience by combining state-of­-the-art immersive technologies with real-life interactions.

In today’s world physical events are more challenging than ever. Covid-19 has changed the event , marketing and trade show business dramatically. VIME is your partner to move either completely in the digital space or setup a hybrid model by leveraging the best of both , the physical and digital world. VIME is a complete cloud solution which provides highest security standards combined with the best boost for your sales.

Our Benefits

Our Virtual Event Platform offers an unique and immersive experience for your company, your audience and your partners. There are limitless usage possibilities to boost your company’s marketing, sales and branding. VIME’s focus is on a high efficient platform by using state-of­-the-art technologies made in Germany and an easy setup as well as user onboarding.

Your event visitors need only a standard web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to take part in your event. There is no plugin or additional software needed and on top of that all communication as weil as interaction is end-to-end encrypted. So, with VIME you have a complete event software available without the need for any technical knowledge.

Runs in any browser, device independent

Sophisticated User Interface

Real-life-like interactivity

Real-time user behavior measurement

Automatic lead generation

Big trade shows with +10k visitors possible


Get a feeling from what you can expect by these visual insights. You can choose between various designed stages or let us deploy your own world to create a virtual branding even without a physical presence. VIME is the best virtual event solution on the market.

Our Services

With VIME you can transform any physical event into a virtual experience. From trade shows, product releases, concerts and other events. There are no limits. Even your company or project size doesn’t matter. We support everything from small, mid-size or large enterprises.

Large Enterprise Trade Fair

Trade Fair

Car Dealer


Live Concerts

Our Price Model

Chose your digital event package. Just select your size and your subscription model. You get access to your
full running and immersive event platform without any effort. VIME provides an easy to access, set-up and
run platform without the need of ony technical knowledge.


starting from / per event
  • Max. 100 users
  • Product releases, small companies


starting from / per event
  • Max. 1,000 users
  • Mid-size enterprises, concerts


starting from / per event
  • Max. 10,000 users
  • Enterprises, trade shows, fashion shows


starting from / per event
  • Max. 100,000 users
  • Large enterprises and trade shows


upon request
starting from / per event
  • upon request
  • World-wide trade fairs and venues

Our References And Partners

We bring digital events into all industries from big corporates,
mid-size company, start-ups, to event agencies and organizers.

Our Technology

The backbone of VIME is the stake of state-of-the-art technologies combined with German engineering. We trust in best-in-class developer, designer and product experience.

  • Server in Germany

  • Host/provider of choice

  • Alternative access to own network

  • Runs without installation, on any browser

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Our core team

Rene Fraedrich

Chief Executive and
Technology Officer

Stephanie Braumann

Chief Operating Officer


Backend Developer (m/f/d)
Effective immediately

3D-Artist/Motiondesigner (m/f/d)
Effective immediately

UI/UX Designer (m/f/d)
Effective immediately

DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)
Effective immediately

Blog Posts

Get the latest information about the digital event market and how VIME – Virtual Meetings can bring your virtual event to the next level:

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